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GiellaLT provides rule-based language technology aimed at minority and indigenous languages

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Neahttadigisánit is an online reading dictionary which uses analysers to find lemma forms, and send them to dictionary lookup. This page documents developmental work on Neahttadigisánit.


Publications and presentations related to dictionaries

Using the NDS JavaScript Plugin on other sites.

Neahttadigisánit provides an in-browser plugin that allows you to look up words by clicking on them. It is available by bookmarklet, a bookmark that you click while on any site to include the functionality, but it is also simple to include on other sites. For an example, visit Kursa.

If you are a site owner and want to include the plugin on your website (so that the dictionary is available to all visitors), follow the how-to guide:

Planning new features

Linguistic documentation and maintenance

Technical documentation

Configuration file

The file app.config.yaml contains the following things, and is in YAML format:

Restarting the service

Log in to gtdict, switch to user neahtta, go to /home/neahtta/neahtta and issue:

      fab DICT restart-service

where DICT is the relevant name for the dictionary to restart (sanit, baakoeh, …).

The service must be restarted each time lexica, FSTs, or the configuration file have been updated. Sometimes this may take a little while, as XML files need to be reparsed, and data structures for autocomplete need to be prepared.

To restart all running dictionaries, for example after updating the source code, issue:

      fab restart-running