GiellaLT provides an infrastructure for rule-based language technology aimed at minority and indigenous languages, and streamlines building anything from keyboards to speech technology.

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Getting started with the GiellaLT infrastructure

This page enables you to build, use and develop the GiellaLT grammatical tools yourself. Go through each of the steps 1-2-3 below. After each step return to this page for the next step.

If you do not want to compile the tools yourself, but only want to use ready-made grammatical analysers out of the box, stop reading now and see the Linguistic analysis page instead.

Installing in three steps

Conduct the setup of the GiellaLT infrastructure in these three steps:

Step 1. Set up the computer

Set up the computer, using these instructions, for:

Step 2. Fetch the source code

Step 3. Compile the analysers

The page Compiling And Using The Analysers tells you how to do just that.

Then you are done, and can start using the analysers and/or participate in the development work.