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GiellaLT provides rule-based language technology aimed at minority and indigenous languages

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Getting started with the GiellaLT infrastructure on the Mac

This page is a part of the overall Getting started page. It describes what you need to install on the Mac to be ready to develop language tools for your language.

Note that this documentation is relevant when you want to participate in building and developing the grammatical tools yourself . If you only want to use the ready-made grammatical analysers, skip this and see the Linguistic analysis page instead.

System setup of your Mac before GiellaLT installation

You must first prepare the Mac, by first installing XCode:

  1. Xcode

Proceed with installing a number of command line tools, using one of:

Installing HFST, our linguistic compiler

You need tools to convert your linguistic source code (lexicons, morphology, phonology, syntax, etc.) into usefull tools like analysers, generators, hyphenators and spellers.

Run these commands:

curl \

chmod a+x

sudo ./

This downloads a shell script (1), makes it executable (2), and runs it (3). The shell script in turn will download and install prebuilt binaries for programs for morphology, syntax, machine translation and grammar checking:

You get the latest version of all required tools in one go. Rerun these 3 commands with regular intervals to get the latest updates.

HFST is our default compiler, and it builds all our tools. It is open source, and it is needed for turning your morphology and lexicon into spellcheckers and other useful programs.

Some alternative compilers, strictly speaking not needed

The following two programs are not needed, we just refer to them since the source code is compatible with them:

Installing an editor

You will need a text editor for writing the source files. One of the following

Now go back to the Getting Started page for the next step towards building, using and developing the linguistic analysers.