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GiellaLT provides rule-based language technology aimed at minority and indigenous languages

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Conversion scripts

The conversion scripts are located in $GTHOME/gt/script and in $GTHOME/giella-core/scripta. The intention is to move all of them to giella-core.

The unix utility iconv contains ready-made conversion routines for many code tables. The syntax is as follows:

$ iconv --from-code=ISO-8859-1 --to-code=UTF-8 < old_file > new_file

A list of code tables is listed with iconv –list.

Case conversion scripts (capital/small letters)

Initial capital letter

The most improtant caseconvertion scripts are case.regex (caseconv.fst). They are different form language to language, and located in the language-specific directories. They form an integrated part of the Makefiles, and the resulting parsers contain the ability of recognising initial capital letters.

Letters in all caps (with hfst-tokenize)

Hfst’s combined preprocessor and morphological analyser is able to handle input written with capital letters. See this introduction to preprocessing.

Letters in all caps (with xfst)

Using xfst, analysing words written in all caps is not that easy. There is a script called allcaps.regex. By using this script, (“Duodji” is accepted, as is “DUODJI”, but “DuoDji” is not. These are also located in the src directories (so far only for sme), and are integrated in the Makefile. But the resulting allcaps.fst is not compiled together with sme.fst into a single transducer, as this would have resulted in a too large network. Instead, it is kept separate in the sme/bin directory, and when needed, it may be invoked by the following command (assuming you stand in gt/sme):

… | lookup -flags mbTT -f src/cap-sme | …

Note that the lookup script file is located in sme/src, but the binary allcaps.fst that the cap-sme file refers to, is located in sme/bin.

The spellrelax scripts

South and Lule Saami have scripts to allow for different practices for writing � (as �or i) and for the Norwegian/Swedish ��and � mix. These are xfst scripts, integrated in the makefiles of sma and smj.