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Morphological Tags

This is an overview over the morphological tags used at the Giellatekno projects. Note that this list is a static list and may be outdated. The updated list you will find in the Links to generated source file documentation under the presentation of each language in the language overview.

See also separate pages on compound, semantic, syntax and dependency tags.


Tag Explanation Comment
+A Adjective -
+ABBR Abbreviation -
+ACR Acronym -
+Acc Accusative -
+Actio Actio -
+Adp Adposition -
+Adv Adverb -
+Attr Attribute -
+AttrCmp Attribute compound -
+CC Conjunction -
+CLB Clause boundary -
+CS Subjunction -
+Card Cardinal -
+Coll Collective -
+Com Comitative -
+Comp Comparative -
+ConNeg Negative form of the verb -
+ConNegII Negative form of the verb -
+Cond Conditional Mood
+Dem Demonstrative -
+Der Derivation -
+Du Dual -
+Du1 First person dual -
+Du2 Second person dual -
+Du3 Third person dual -
+Ess Essive- -
+Gen Genitive -
+Ger Gerund -
+Guess Denotes guessed stem -
+Hyph Hyphenation mark -
+IV Intransitive verb -
+Ill Illative -
+Imprt Imperative -
+ImprtII Second imperative -
+InDef Indefinite declension Nouns, in Erzya, Moksha
+Ind Indicative -
+Indef Indefinite pronoun Pronouns
+Inf Infinitive -
+Interj Interjection -
+Interr Interrogative -
+LCmpnd+ Left compound part -
+LEFT Left parenthesis -
+Loc Locative -
+Multi ?? -
+N Noun -
+Neg Negation verb -
+Nom Nominative -
+NomAg Nomen Actiones -
+Num Numeral -
+Ord Ordinal -
+PUNCT Punctiation mark -
+Pcle Particle -
+Pers Personal pronoun -
+Pl Plural -
+Pl1 First person plural -
+Pl2 Second person plural -
+Pl3 Third person plural -
+Plant Plant Semantic tag
+Plc Place Semantic tag
+Po Place Semantic tag
+Pot Potential -
+Pr Preposition -
+PrfPrc Perfect participle -
+Pron Pronoun -
+Prop Proper noun -
+Prs Present tense -
+PrsPrc Present participle -
+Prt Past tense -
+PxCPlComRecipr ?? -
+PxDu1 First person dual possessive suffix -
+PxDu2 Second person dual possessive suffix -
+PxDu3 Third person dual possessive suffix -
+PxPl1 First person plural possessive suffix -
+PxPl2 Second person plural possessive suffix -
+PxPl3 Third person plural possessive suffix -
+PxSg1 First person singular possessive suffix -
+PxSg2 Second person singular possessive suffix -
+PxSg3 Third person singular possessive suffix -
+Qst Question particle -
+RCmpnd Right compound -
+RIGHT Right parenthesis -
+Recipr Reciprocal -
+Refl Reflecsive -
+Rel Relative -
+Route Route -
+SHyph Soft Hyphen -
+Sg Singular -
+Sg1 First person singular -
+Sg2 Second person singular -
+Sg3 Third person singular -
+South Southern form Dialectal
+Sup Supine -
+Superl Superlative -
+Sur Surname Semantic tag
+TV Transitive verb -
+Time Time Semantic tag
+Txt Text Semantic tag
+V Verb -
+VAbess Verbal abessive -
+VGen Verbal genitive -
+Veh Vehicle Semantic tag
+Wpn Weapon Semantic tag
+Wthr Weather Semantic tag