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Autshumato is an open-source computer-aided translation program. It works on any language pair, but requires a translation memory (a set of parallel sentences), as can be found below for Norwegian Bokmål - North Saami.

The purpose of Autsumato is to suggest phrases during the translation process, thereby making translation easier and more consistent.

Documenting the Autshumato platform

You may download the last Authsumato version here.

Start the program by doubleclicking the Autshumato.jar file. Help files are behind the ? symbol to the right.

For the impatient:

  1. Install translation memory
  2. Make a new translation project
  3. Import files into the translation project
  4. Translate
  5. Create the translated document
  6. Exit, import a new file into the translation project or start a new translation project

A bit more systematic introduction:

Translation memory

  1. Make a folder, name it tm.
  2. Download our translation memory files
  3. Unpack this file inside the folder tm

Make a new translation project

  1. Go to Project->New
  2. A dialog appears, write the name of your translation project.
  3. Press Save
  4. The New Project dialog appears
  5. Specify Source and Target languages
  6. Specify the folder tm that you made in the above steps as the Translation Memory Folder
  7. Press OK

Import files into the translation project

  1. The Project Files dialog appears
  2. Press Import Source Files…
  3. Choose the file that you want to translate
    1. Note Your safest bet are .odt and .docx files.
    2. Known problems: .txt files are ok on Windows, but problematic on Mac. .doc files are ok on mac, but Windows only handles .docx files, not .doc ones.
  4. Press Close in the Project Files dialog


  1. Translate the first segment.
  2. Go to the next segment by pressing enter or cmd-N

To navigate in the document, use the shortcuts found in the Goto-menu (cmd-U = next untranslated; cmd-P = previous; cmd-J number = go to segment number)

Using the translation memory

Suggestions from the translation memory appears in the Fuzzy Matches part. Chose one of the suggestions by pressing cmd+1-5. Use the suggestion by pressing cmd+r

Create the translated document

Goto Project->Create Translated Documents

The translated documents appears in the folder target inside the Translation Project folder

Machine translation

To be documented.


To be documented. They should be in the stardict format.


Choose a ready-made glossary, or make one as you translate.

Glossaries must be of the following format:

surce word<tab>target word

Norwegian - North Saami glossaries will be made available at Giellatekno’s homepage.