GiellaLT provides an infrastructure for rule-based language technology aimed at minority and indigenous languages, and streamlines building anything from keyboards to speech technology.

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Installing spellers on machines with a separate admin account

Institutions often distribute Windows computers to their employees with a separate admin account with a separate password (often unknown to the user).

In order to install proofing tools on such machines, do the following:

  1. Track down the person with the administrator password
  2. Be sure to close the Divvun Manager if you have it running, in the following way:
    1. Close Divvun Mananger by locating its miniature symbol on the task line (there is a box showing several programs if you click on the ^ symbol to the low right of the task bar). If the Divvun Manager symbol is not found in this pop-up box you are fine and can proceed)
    2. Right-click the symbol and close the program
  3. Locate the Divvun manager (e.g. via the Microsoft menu)
  4. Right-click on the Divvun Manager symbol and run it as administrator
  5. Install the languages you want. The program starts out by offering Saami languages, if you want other languages select the Divvun languages dropdown menu on the top and choose “All repositories”.

After chosing your language(s), press the Install button and follow the instructions. Check it by opening e.g. Microsoft Word and look for the green AB symbol next to the name of your language.

Other tools on the page that must be installed will have to be installed in the same way. Web-based tools (like e.g. the grammar checkers) may be used without admin password.

A note of warning:

Not only installing but also using the Divvun Manager requires system administrator password. Thus, make sure to decide what language(s) to install and check that everything works while you have access to the admin password.