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Preparing annotated text for testing

This document presents the pipeline for adding an error-marked text to the corpus and run it through grammarchecker testing for precision and recall.

Documents for testing should represent the target group of the grammar checker and potentially contain errors. They should be stored in \*corpus/orig/$LANG/catalogename/ where the cataloguename (and eventual subcatalogues) should be a catalogue reserved for annotated files for grammarchecker testing.

  1. Mark errors as explained in the Principles of error markup document
  2. Save the file as filename.correct.txt (i.e. the filename must end in .error.txt)
  3. Add the file to the corpus with the command convert2xml filnamn.correct.txt
  4. This creates a file filnamn.correct.txt.xsl. In this file, change conversion_status from standard to correct. Add other metadata. Reference to original file may e.g. be given in the filename slot.
  5. Convert from corrected file to goldstandard with the command convert2xml --goldstandard filename.correct.txt. Given an original file orig/smn/testcorp/wiki/filename.correct.txt he resulting file will by using this command be stored in goldstandard/converted/smn/testcorp/wiki/filename.correct.txt.xml
  6. Supposing you have (one or) several files and/or catalogues under goldstandard/converted/smn, you may then run the command (with smn as an example): $GTLANGS/lang-smn/tools/grammarcheckers/smn.zcheck goldstandard/converted/smn > <testfile-output>
  7. or eventually send it to standard output with nice colours: $GTLANGS/lang-smn/tools/grammarcheckers/smn.zcheck goldstandard/converted/smn -c

You may at any point reopen the file filename.correct.txt, add or revise the error marking, and run the procedure again.