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GiellaLT provides rule-based language technology aimed at minority and indigenous languages

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Useful commands

Here we add useful commands.

MT commands

echo "Nu lea." | apertium -d . sme-smn

The program actually goes through 9 steps in order to make the translation (cf. this picture of the overall process, if you are a visual person).

In order to see what goes on, we may stop on any of the 9 steps:

We thus write echo "Nu lea." | apertium -d . sme-smn-morph etc. instead of only sme-smn, to get the output we want. With all the tags the output may be messy. A practical advice is to output one word on each line:

echo "Nu lea." | apertium -d . sme-smn-morph | tr ' ' '\n'

Here is the documentation for these modes

The regression test

(Regression tests are tests ensuring things do not get worse).

To run the tests, write:

t/update-latest t/regression-test

The number at the bottom indicates the number success/test.

To add tests, go to these pages, click “edit” and format as for the other sentences:

Pending tests (just add tests here)

Regression tests (Add tests that succeed here)

Cf. also the documentation.

Morphological analysis and generation

How to use the MT analysers and generators automorf (for analysis) and autogen (for generation)

Analyse North Saami:
echo ja|hfst-proc -a sme-smn.automorf.hfst

Generate North Saami:
echo '^ja<cnjcoo>$'|hfst-proc -d sme-smn.autogen.hfst

Analyse Inari Saami:
echo já|hfst-proc -a smn-sme.automorf.hfst

Generate Inari Saami:
echo '^já<cnjcoo>$'|hfst-proc -d sme-smn.autogen.hfst