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GiellaLT provides rule-based language technology aimed at minority and indigenous languages

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The purpose of the xsl files is:

The xsl-file is created when a file is added to a corpus repository using add_files_to_corpus. The xsl-file is stored to the same directory as the original document, with the same name as the original document, and suffix .xsl.

The variables are defined by expressions as the following:

<xsl:variable name="title" select="''"/>
<xsl:variable name="author" select="''"/>
<xsl:variable name="author-gender" select="'f'"/>
<xsl:variable name="publisher" select="''"/>
<xsl:variable name="translated-from" select="''"/>

<xsl:variable name="mainlang" select="'sme'"/>

The information is updated by adding the new value to the “select”-field, inside single quotes. Most of the fields, such as the title and the name of the author can contain free text, but the values of some fields are restricted.

The template for the xsl files is $GTHOME/tools/CorpusTools/corpustools/xslt/XSL-template.xsl. How to fill in values are documented in that document.