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GiellaLT provides rule-based language technology aimed at minority and indigenous languages

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Search with the search box Simple in Korp

Go to one of the corpus collections, e.g. the Saami one. Press the tab Simple just underneath the KORP logo.

The search box itself

The searchbox has one search field. Write in a wordform, and press Search. Note the dropdown menu to the right of the word Search: It is possible to save the search you have made and then use it again in comparison with other searches.

Under the search field there are 4 options:

This gives the possibility to use simple regular expressions, e.g. “all words in -guin”.

Word image

Uncheck all four alternatives, then tick Word picture on the right in the blue line below the search field. Enter e.g. a verb in the infinitive, and search. The search will take several minutes, but the result will be an overview of arguments linked to the verb (or two: One with an argument before and one with an argument after the verb).