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GiellaLT provides rule-based language technology aimed at minority and indigenous languages

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Search with the search box Extended in Korp

Go to one of the Korp interfaces, e.g. the Sami. Tap the Extended tab right below the KORP cogo.

The search box itself

(picture in English forthcoming)

Alt text

The box has 9 different search modes, word, Part-of-speech, Grammatical analysis, Baseform, Dependency relation, Domain, Translated from, Title, date, time interval. We go through them one by one than:


Here you enter word form. Mark alternative to the right, e.g. is, is not, … The option is not only makes sense with the use of multiple search boxes.

Part of speech

Here there are predefined options, one for each Part of speech.

Grammatical analysis

Here you enter the grammatical tag. The dropdown menu immediately to the right says contains, because the tag is only a part of the string word form + analysis. If you want to search for several tags, e.g. locative singular, type Sg.Loc in the search field.


Here you search for the lexeme. Selecting sátni here gives hit on the inflected forms sátni, sáni, sániid, …

Dependency relation

Here you can search for tags for syntactic function, e.g. deprel_←OBJ (in u_corp it only says deprel_←OBJ). The drop-down menu provides a list of available function tags. Here is an explanation of the tags for syntactic function.


This is the set of corpus domains: administration, bible, facts, ficti, news, … This does not seem to be implemented to work in search. On the other hand, it is possible to sort hits by domain during a search on Statistics.


This is the title of the document. This doesn’t seem to be implemented to work in search. On the other hand, it is possible to sort hits by domain during a search on Statistics.

Translated from

Metadata is very poor here, and it also does not seem to be implemented in search.

It is possible to copy searches with the operators AND and OR. Press or at the bottom of the box to search for the union of two or more requirements (eg search for noun or pronoun). Press and to get a new part of the same search box, to search for an intersection of two requirements (eg search for a word that is plural and object).

Combining multiple conditions in the same search box

(The picture shows Norwegian as metalanguage)

Alt ​​text

By pressing to the right of the search box, you get another search box, so you can search for word combinations. Here it might also be a good idea to search for Part of speech is not.

Search for more words and show statistics

Search for two words (mark the empty box between verb ob object), and select Statistics. The result is a frequency-sorted statistic of verb + object.

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