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GiellaLT provides rule-based language technology aimed at minority and indigenous languages

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Reading Korp output witn the dictionary NDS

When browsing the output of a search in Korp, one easily runs into unknown words. Then Neahttadigisánit comes in handy. This dictionary platform offer (to a varying degree!) translations of almost all the languages in Korp.

Installation and use

Note! The Á will disappear after each new search, and you have to click on the bookmark again.

Troubleshooting: You may get the error message Error! Could not connect to dictionary server. The reason for this is that you use http and not https. Add the s after http, e.g. by copying the url to a text editor, adding the s, and pasting the address back to the browser.

List of languages and dictionaries

The link after each search language leads to the relevant dictionary.

Baltic Finnic Korp: f_korp

Saami Korp: SIKOR

Uralic Korp: u_korp


Using for reading a Korp search in South Saami:

Alt text