GiellaLT provides an infrastructure for rule-based language technology aimed at minority and indigenous languages, and streamlines building anything from keyboards to speech technology.

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Different FSTs


This is an overview over FSTs which are compiled and their properties.

Analysers and generators

+MWE +Dial/- and normative compoundtags like +CmpN/SgN are not visible in any FST

FST Visible Invisible Remarks
analyser-raw-gt-desc all tags    
analyser-gt-desc +Err/Orth, +Err/Lex, +vN +Sem/tags Descriptive analyser
analyser-disamb-gt-desc +Err/Orth, +Err/Lex, +Sem/tags, +Allegro +vN Descriptive analyser for disambiguation
analyser-gt-norm +NomAg +G3 +G7 +Allegro, +HomN +vN +Use/NGminip +Coll +TV +IV +Sem/tags, +OLang/*, +Use/NGminip, +Allegro, +vN Normative analyser
analyser-dict-gt-desc +NomAg +G3 +G7 +Allegro, +HomN +vN +Use/NGminip +Coll +TV +IV +Sem/tags, +OLang/*, +vN Descriptive analyser for dicts
analyser-dict-gt-desc-mobile +NomAg +G3 +G7 +Allegro, +HomN +vN +Use/NGminip +Coll +TV +IV +Sem/tags, +OLang/*, +vN analyser-dict-gt-desc-mobile is compiled with orthography/spellrelax-mobile-keyboard.regex in addition to the ordinary spellrelax.regex
analyser-oahpa-gt-norm +NomAg +G3 +G7 +Allegro +HomN +Coll +TV +IV +Sem/tags, +OLang/*, +Use/NGminip, +Allegro, +vN FST made for testing, it is parallel with the generator.
analyser-mt-gt-desc +NomAg +G3 +G7 +Allegro +HomN +Coll +TV +IV +Sem/tags +vN Desciptive analyser for MT input. Also analysis without +Sem/tags and +Allegro
FST Mandatory Optional Remarks
generator-gt-desc - +NomAg +G3 +G7 +Allegro +HomN +vN +Use/NGminip +Coll +TV +IV Descriptive generator
generator-gt-norm - +NomAg +G3 +G7 +Allegro +HomN +vN +Use/NGminip +Coll +TV +IV Normative generator
generator-dict-gt-norm +NomAg +G3 +G7 +Allegro +HomN +vN +Use/NGminip +Coll +TV +IV Normative generator for dict paradigms
generator-oahpa-gt-norm +NomAg +G3 +G7 +HomN +Coll +IV +TV +vN, +Allegro +Use/NGminip Normative generator for generating Oahpa keyanswers (tolerate all dialects and Use/NG-forms)
generator-oahpa-gt-restr_XX = generator-oahpa-gt-norm + Allegro   Normative generator for generating tasks. Paths marked with +Dial/- (exept for the chosen dialect), +Use/NG and +v2 and biggerRemoves paths with +Use/NG and the other dialects (Dial/), if there are more dialects
generator-mt-apertium-norm.att.gz +IV +TV +NomAg +G3 +G7 +Coll +HomN +Sem/tags +Allegro Normative generator for MT output. Paths with +vN and +Use/NG are removed.

How to compile in langs/LANG


Examples for parameters: ./configure --with-hfst --enable-dicts

How to get a list of parameters: ./configure -h

How to see the parameters which are set: head config.log

Some of the parameters: