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Dependency Search In Korp

In Korp you may perform quite advanced corpus serches. Here is a more thorough introduction, but this document comtains some additinoal examples.

Searching with dependency relations

Task: You want to search for all sentences with nouns in Illative that have the verb liikot as their dependency mother.

Procedure: Write the string below into the CQP search interface in Korp.

The search string is as follows (here, it is put on 3 lines):

b:[lemma="liikot" & msd="V.*"]


This expression

[lemma="liikot" & msd="V.*"]

identifies the verb, by giving lemma and part of speech.


this gives zero or more whatever inbetween the two expressions

then the noun, its grammatical specification (singular or plural) and its dependency relation.

[msd="N.*.Ill" & deprel="OBJ"]

Then you have to bind these groups to some variable names, the syntax is name:expression, as follows:


then you state a joint condition referring to both a and b with :: as a delimiter symbol:


This declares that the dependeny head of a shall be the ref value of b (the word that has b as an index). In our context, the dependency head of the illative noun shall be the verb liikot.

The order is now fixed to N + V. You may switch it, as follows:

b:[lemma="liikot" & msd="V.*"]

Note that b and aare kept.