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GiellaLT provides rule-based language technology aimed at minority and indigenous languages

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How To Merge Updates From Core

This is a multistep process. Do as follows:

  1. Move to the giellalt directory:
    cd $GUTROOTDIR/giellalt
  2. Make sure you have all language repos by cloning all:
    gut clone -o giellalt -r '^lang-'
    Languages you already have cloned will error out harmlessly
  3. gut pull -o giellalt -r ^template-lang-und
  4. Make changes to the template as needed
  5. increase rev_id in .gut/template.toml
  6. commit the changes in the template
  7. gut template apply -o giellalt -r ^lang- -t template-lang-und
    • review the changes (gut status -v -o giellalt -r ^lang- is useful here); when everything is ok, then:
    • might not create new directories, use rsync -av template-lang-und/path/to/newdir lang-zxx/path/to/, pay attention to /
    • NB! If you need to start over (erase all changes, and merge from template again), run the above command with the --abort option, like this:
      gut template apply --abort -o giellalt -r ^lang- -t template-lang-und
      That will remove all changes to the matched repos, so that one can start over.
  8. gut commit -o giellalt -r ^lang- -m "[Template merge] Some commit message"
  9. gut template apply --continue -o giellalt -r ^lang- -t template-lang-und
    • add --skip-ci if you want to skip CI when pushing all changes to GitHub (requires CI to react to the string [skip ci] in the commit message, this is working for all lang-* and keyboard-*repos in the GiellaLT GitHub organisation)
  10. gut push -o giellalt -r template-lang-und
  11. gut pull -o giellalt -r ^lang-
  12. gut push -o giellalt -r ^lang-

Some of the steps explained:

It makes sense to run the stuff through -r ^lang-zxx first for testing.

NB! Please note that the repos need to be clean when running this command. Unclean/dirty repos will not be processed. Dirty repos are repos with untracked files, uncommitted changes etc.

NB2! If you are adding new files in the ignored section in .gut/template.toml, you need to copy them manually - these files are not automatically added to all repositories. This can be considered a bug, but it is easily worked around by a command like the followoing:

for i in lang-*; do cp -f template-lang-und/tools/tts/ $i/tools/tts/; done