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Git commands

This document contains the basic commands for using git, both on the command line and in Tower (with links to the relevant Tower help page).

Action Git command line Tower GUI Tower keyboard shortcut
Check out: git pull Click the Pull button Cmd+Shift+P
Get an overview: git status open the relevant repo, click Working Copy under Workspace in the left sidebar; consider viewing only modified files Cmd+1
Mark a file as committable: git add file.txt Check-mark the file(s) to commit Cmd+Shift+E (check-mark all files)
Check in locally: git commit -m "blabla" file.txt Type in the commit field, click the Commit button Cmd+Shift+C, write your message, Cmd+Return when done
Check in globally: git push Click the Push button Cmd+Shift+U

Perhaps this was not enough? Have a look at:

SVN to GIT Cheatsheet

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