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GiellaLT provides rule-based language technology aimed at minority and indigenous languages

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Meetings on specific topics

Linguist meetings

Technical meetings

Divvun meetings

Divvun linguist meetings

Divvun meetings

Regular meetings, this and last year

Coordination meetings with The TechnoCreatives, Gothenburg

Older regular meetings

Divvun physical gatherings

Giellatekno meetings

Administrative meetings

Trond + Sjur meetings

Weekly Giellatekno + Divvun meetings

Giellatekno and Divvun had regular weekly meetings in the period 2005 through 2011. They were held at 10 AM Norwegian time each Monday morning, unless otherwise agreed upon. The memos for the meetings are listed below.

Meetings In Real Life (IRL)

We have had and are having physical meetings, that is, meetings IRL. So far, the following meetings have been held (links are to notes or programme for the meetings):