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retroflex plosive, voiceless t ʈ 0288, 648 ( = ASCII 096) retroflex plosive, voiced d ɖ 0256, 598 labiodental nasal F ɱ 0271, 625 retroflex nasal n ɳ 0273, 627 palatal nasal J ɲ 0272, 626 velar nasal N ŋ 014B, 331 uvular nasal N\ ɴ 0274, 628

bilabial trill B\ ʙ 0299, 665 uvular trill R\ ʀ 0280, 640 alveolar tap 4 ɾ 027E, 638 retroflex flap r ɽ 027D, 637 bilabial fricative, voiceless p\ ɸ 0278, 632 bilabial fricative, voiced B β 03B2, 946 dental fricative, voiceless T θ 03B8, 952 dental fricative, voiced D ð 00F0, 240 postalveolar fricative, voiceless S ʃ 0283, 643 postalveolar fricative, voiced Z ʒ 0292, 658 retroflex fricative, voiceless s ʂ 0282, 642 retroflex fricative, voiced z` ʐ 0290, 656 palatal fricative, voiceless C ç 00E7, 231 palatal fricative, voiced j\ ʝ 029D, 669 velar fricative, voiced G ɣ 0263, 611 uvular fricative, voiceless X χ 03C7, 967 uvular fricative, voiced R ʁ 0281, 641 pharyngeal fricative, voiceless X\ ħ 0127, 295 pharyngeal fricative, voiced ?\ ʕ 0295, 661 glottal fricative, voiced h\ ɦ 0266, 614

alveolar lateral fricative, vl. K alveolar lateral fricative, vd. K\

labiodental approximant P (or v) alveolar approximant r\ retroflex approximant r` velar approximant M\

retroflex lateral approximant l` palatal lateral approximant L velar lateral approximant L

bilabial O\ (O = capital letter) dental |
(post)alveolar !\ palatoalveolar =\ alveolar lateral ||
Ejectives, implosives

ejective > e.g. ejective p p> implosive < e.g. implosive b b< Vowels

close back unrounded M close central unrounded 1 close central rounded } lax i I lax y Y lax u U

close-mid front rounded 2 close-mid central unrounded @\ close-mid central rounded 8 close-mid back unrounded 7

schwa ə @

open-mid front unrounded E open-mid front rounded 9 open-mid central unrounded 3 open-mid central rounded 3\ open-mid back unrounded V open-mid back rounded O

ash (ae digraph) { open schwa (turned a) 6

open front rounded & open back unrounded A open back rounded Q Other symbols

voiceless labial-velar fricative W voiced labial-palatal approx. H voiceless epiglottal fricative H\ voiced epiglottal fricative <\ epiglottal plosive >\

alveolo-palatal fricative, vl. s\ alveolo-palatal fricative, voiced z\ alveolar lateral flap l\ simultaneous S and x x\ tie bar _ Suprasegmentals

primary stress “ secondary stress % long : half-long :\ extra-short _X linking mark -
Tones and word accents

level extra high _T level high _H level mid _M level low _L level extra low _B downstep ! upstep ^ (caret, circumflex)

contour, rising contour, falling _F contour, high rising _H_T contour, low rising _B_L

contour, rising-falling _R_F (NB Instead of being written as diacritics with _, all prosodic marks can alternatively be placed in a separate tier, set off by < >, as recommended for the next two symbols.) global rise global fall Diacritics

voiceless 0 (0 = figure), e.g. n_0 voiced _v aspirated _h more rounded _O (O = letter) less rounded _c advanced _+ retracted _- centralized _” syllabic = (or _=) e.g. n= (or n=) non-syllabic _^ rhoticity `

breathy voiced _t creaky voiced _k linguolabial _N labialized _w palatalized ‘ (or _j) e.g. t’ (or t_j) velarized _G pharyngealized _?\

dental d apical _a laminal _m nasalized ~ (or _~) e.g. A~ (or A~) nasal release _n lateral release _l no audible release _}

velarized or pharyngealized _e velarized l, alternatively 5 raised _r lowered _o advanced tongue root _A retracted tongue root _q

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