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Pite Sámi TWOLC file

This file documents the phonology.twolc file


Consonant gradation rules

**Consonant Gradation for htt(j s):ht(j s)**

Consonant Gradation for hxx:hx

Consonant Gradation for xdn(j):xn(j)

Consonant Gradation for xx:x

Consonant Gradation for xxy:xy

**Consonant Gradation for xxt(j s):xt(j s) **

**Consonant Gradation for xxsj:xsj **

Consonant Gradation for xy:y

**Delete h in hx:y **

**Intervocalic voiced plosives in hx:y **

**Consonant Gradation for l/jbm:l/jm **

**Consonant Gradation for nnjg:njg **

**Consonant Gradation for vgŋ:vŋ **

**Consonant Gradation for rdj:rj **

Other consonant rules

Final C Deletion

Final devoicing

**Word Final Simplification in -st **

**Word-final De-Affricatization for tj **

Vowel rules


**Default VH **

**Default VH for 4syllables **

**Default UA in G3 **

**Special UÄ (VH) in G3 **

**Special VH for u^O **

**Special VH for ie **

**Ä in G3 **

**Ä in G3 capitalized **

**V2 E to I before j-suffixes **

**V2 E to Á **

**V2 E to Á before S or R **

**V2 O to U **

**Final V Deletion **

This (part of) documentation was generated from src/fst/phonology.twolc