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CorpusTools documentation


CorpusTools is a set of tools to administrate Giellatekno's corpora.

A few examples:

  • add_files_to_corpus - Add raw source material files to a corpus
  • convert2xml - Converts original files to the Giellatekno-internal xml format.
  • analyse_corpus - Orchistrates the hfst (etc) tools to run analysis on a corpus.
  • ccat - Output text sections from an analysed or non-analysed corpus.
  • korp_mono - Convert analysed files to korp-input

Installation from apertium nightly

CorpusTools is available as a package in Apertium Nightly. Depending on your system, the package may be named slightly differently. For example, in debian, the package is called divvun-corpustools. Search for corpustools, and you will find it.

Installation using pipx

pipx lets you install python packages that has runnable scripts easily, onto your system.

  1. Install pipx
  2. Run pipx install --force git+

Editable install (alternate pipx installation method)

An editable install lets you make changes in the source script files, and still use the same global command on the command line to run the (modified) scripts. Recommended if you intend to do development on the scripts.

  1. Clone the CorpusTools repository: (git clone CorpusTools)
  2. Install with the editable flag (-e): pipx install -e --force /path/to/CorpusTools


  • python3
  • wvHtml (only needed for convert2xml)
  • pdftohtml (only needed for convert2xml)
  • latex2html (only needed for convert2xml)
  • Java (only needed for parallelize)
  • pandoc (maybe only needed for convert2xml?)

Installation commands

sudo port install wv latex2html poppler pandoc
sudo apt-get install vw poppler-utils pandoc
sudo pacman -S wv